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How to sell your brand

How to sell your brand

Brand, like any other commodity, can be bought and sold.

Buying a brand, a company buys is not an abbreviation, it buys the name and the reputation he has earned.

That is why the company bought, buy and will buy brands.

In order to sell your brand, some simple steps are enough, the quality of implementation of which depends on the success of the entire enterprise and your personal gain.



First of all, vote brand. Do not try to evaluate yourself. If you really want to evaluate the brand, find its real value, invite experts with a good reputation. Do not skimp on the assessment - if you take a little-known experts to assess your brand, they may well be called a lower amount than he really is.


Publicized the results of the assessment and the decision to sellbrand, using the media. The wider will be illuminated the fact of evaluation, the cost and the fact that the sale, the faster you will find that the client, which will suit you. Pay attention to the lighting in the news resources related to economics, finance and banking.


Negotiate with clients, based onexpert evaluation of the brand. Determine for yourself a price limit below which you can not cross, and if the client wants to lower the price even lower, deny it.


Refer to the companies, which specializeon the purchase and sale of brands, please register on specialized markets for buying and selling brands. Your task - to reach the greatest possible number of potential customers. Then the process will accelerate customer choice many times.

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