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How to sell women's shoes

How to sell women's shoes

shoe stores Consultants are on the alert: The customer is interested in a pair of shoes, so immediately there next to the friendly staff, right and left, extol the virtues of shoes.

But there are also situations when neither of whom can not get clear answers to questions about the product attractive.

This indicates that the consultants are not recommendations were made, how to sell women's shoes.

You will need

  • - women's shoes-
  • - women's accessories-
  • - konsultant-
  • - The sale of goods instructions.



Spread the women's shoes in groups. Collect separately beach, holiday, pleasure model. Within each group also perform sorting: separately arrange sandals separately - shale, etc. Thus, buyers will be easier to navigate in the store when selecting the necessary goods.


Make small price tags, if it is notcontrary to the rules of merchandising - put them on the sole or the inside of women's shoes. In this case, to see all the information about the model, as well as to get acquainted with the price on it, potential buyers will be forced to take a sample. Tactile contact is very important in the sale of women's shoes, because it is believed that a person believes his psychological what picks up.


Teach your staff to ask open-ended questions totalk with buyers and find out their needs. Also, it will help save time, the consultant if he would be able to distinguish between the buyer and the person - "I only have to look." Clarification of requirements - a very important part of the sale of women's shoes. According to the information received, offers the right model that will reduce the time women customers to explore the numerous useless shoes.


Mention the presence of accessories is to "thismodel. " In most cases, girls and women tend to wear the same color shoes and bags. The latter may be presented in your shop in different sizes. Consider these needs and store merchandising, because compliance with these tricks helps to sell women's shoes.


In "Advertising" model using a classicpraise "sandwich". First, enter the pros selected goods. Do not try to praise him only three or four of compliments and differences from other models. Next - name price for this pair of shoes. This point is very important to say because the shopper will receive the information in what he saw as verbalize, and quickly get used to it. The final point - Arguments numbers on the price tag, explain what gives a person purchase the selected model. Before you sell women's shoes using the "sandwich", be sure to work out in a filing on product sales training.

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