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How to sell land in rent


How to sell land in rent</a>

The land plot that is on lease belongs to the lessor, therefore only the owner has the right to perform legally significant actions with it.

The plot can be sold only after registration of ownership of land.

To do this, you must perform a number of actions and collect the necessary package of documents.

You will need

  • - passport
  • - cadastral passport and extract from it
  • - the decision of the administration
  • - certificate of ownership
  • - contract of sale



Address to the landlord with a statement about the desire to purchase a plot of land in the property. Landlord is the local government.


If you have never drawn up a leased lot in your property, then once in your life you have the right to do it for free, paying only the registration of documents and registration.


After submitting an application to the administration, you should contact the territorial agency Rosnedvizhimost, which is now called the Registration Chamber of land, cadastre and cartography.


Write an application for information aboutSite. If the information provided does not include a cadastral passport and technical documents for the land plot or available information for more than 5 years, then they need to be updated and a cadastral passport issued. Without an extract from it, registration of property rights is impossible.


Call surveyors from licensed landOrganization. They will produce a number of necessary works on the site and will give you technical documents based on these works. Register the received documents in Rosnedvizhimost. You will receive a cadastral passport and make an extract from it.


Remove copies from the received documents. With copies and originals, contact the local authorities again to obtain an act that authorizes the administration to transfer the land from the lease to the property.


Register all documents in the center of theRegistration of real estate. After registration you will receive a certificate of ownership. Having a certificate, you can make any legal action with the land plot, to which the sale relates.


You can enter into a notarial contract of sale and purchase with the buyers and register ownership rights on them.

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