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How to sell something that is not for sale

How to sell something that is not for sale

Sometimes in sales occurs such a case that the product is virtually impossible to sell. Not because it's bad, but because no one wants to buy it.

It would seem that with him all right, but buyers stubbornly ignore attempts to offer.

In this case, obviously a few errors requiring correction were made.



First, determine whether the right wasselected target group. It is possible that the product is positioned for that target group, for which in fact does not fit. Conduct research - survey, the purpose of which is to find out why this product is not suitable for those who was supposed to come.


In parallel with this, check the location of the goods. Goods located too high or too low, usually not so attracting attention as a product that is at eye level. Naturally, it is necessary to know how old the target audience, so that it is exactly at the level at which it is guaranteed to see it.


Conduct sales training. It is possible that your salespeople are experiencing a serious shortage of ability to sell itself. Train them the ability to communicate with a client, try to keep their skills constantly progressed.


Arrange to share the goods, which can not besell. Try to isolate it from the masses, so that people pay him as much attention as possible. The most effective and do not cause suspicion, as a rule, discounts, such as "two for the price of one."

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