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How to sell something that is not for sale


How to sell something that is not for sale</a>

Sometimes in sales there is such a case that the goods are almost impossible to sell. Not because it's bad, but because no one wants to buy it.

It would seem that everything is fine with him, but buyers stubbornly ignore attempts to offer it.

In this case, obviously, several mistakes were made that needed correction.



First of all, determine if theThe target group is selected. It is possible that the product is positioned for the target group for which it does not really fit. Do a survey - a questionnaire, the purpose of which will be to find out why this product does not suit those to whom the idea should approach.


In parallel, check the location of the product. A product located too high or too low, as a rule, does not attract attention as much as a product that is at eye level. Naturally, at the same time it is necessary to know what age the target audience is, so that it is exactly at the level at which it is guaranteed to see it.


Conduct sales training. It is possible that your sellers are experiencing a serious deficit of the ability to sell as such. Train their ability to communicate with the client, try to keep their skills constantly progressing.


Arrange a share for the product that is impossibleSell. Try to distinguish it from the general mass, so that people pay as much attention to it as possible. The most effective and not causing suspicion, as a rule, are discounts, like "two for the price of one."

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