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How to sell sheepskin

How to sell sheepskin

Dublenka- thing in a woman's wardrobe essential.

In winter, do not freeze, and wear unlike fur coats, are not binding. Yes, and for convenience these clothes give any fur coats hundred points.

That's only if your sheepskin only takes place in the closet, think - is not it easier to get rid of it?

Not the style, not the size, color or just bored?

Do not break your head, someone from friends expensive gift to bestow.

Such a thing can profitably sell.



Initially, the state of things to vote. How do you wear it? Accurately or "in the feast, and to the world"? It will develop its value. The value also has the color and style, of course, size. Running sizes are more expensive and sold quickly. Set the price at thirty percent less than its original. Trading is always appropriate.


Throw cry of all his friends and relatives. Maybe a neighbor Lena all these years secretly jealous when you floated out of the house, wrapped in a sheep's pelt? At the neighbor is always better. Based on this rule, offer her a new wardrobe at very bargain prices. You can offer a sheepskin coat to someone of his colleagues at work. Remember, people are much more willing to buy things second-hand, from their friends. Subconsciously, it is easier to go through this thing to wear girlfriend Katya, not some unknown Fifa.


The most common way - to sell sheepskinthrough the Internet on popular sites. Take a picture of it from different angles, the most detailed description of its dignity, and calls wait. Through the Internet you can sell any, even the most unusual thing. Do not make friends with the computer? No problem. Advertise in the local newspaper. Try to interest the buyer some unusual detail. Well, if all efforts are futile, do not worry. Try to revive sheepskin new element - a brooch, scarf, chosen to match the boots. Perhaps the need to sell will disappear by itself.

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