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How to sell sheepskin coats


How to sell sheepskin coats</a>

Sheepskin coat is a necessary thing in the wardrobe.

In winter, do not freeze, and wear unlike fur coats, not so binding. Yes, and for convenience, this clothing will give any fur coat a hundred points ahead.

But only if your sheepskin coat only takes up space in the closet, think - is not it easier to get rid of it?

Not the style, the wrong size, color, or just bored?

Do not worry about which of your friends to make happy with an expensive gift.

Such a thing can be profitable to sell.



Initially, evaluate the state of things. How did you wear it? Accurately or "and in a feast, and in the world"? From this, its value will add up. Value also has a color style and, of course, size. Running dimensions are more expensive and sold faster. Set the price thirty percent below its original price. Bargaining is always appropriate.


Throw a cry to all friends and relatives. Maybe Lena's neighbor was secretly envious of you all these years when you emerged from the entrance, wrapped in a sheepskin coat? A neighbor is always better. Proceeding from this rule, ask her to update the wardrobe at a very low price. You can offer a sheepskin coat to someone from colleagues at work. Remember, people are much more willing to buy things that were in use, from their friends. Subconsciously it is easier to survive, that this thing was worn by Katya's friend, and not by some unknown fifa.


The most common way is to sell sheepskin coatVia the Internet on popular sites. Take a picture of it in different angles, describe its merits in as much detail as possible and wait for calls. Through the Internet you can sell any, even the most unusual thing. Do not be friends with the computer? No problem. Advertise in the local newspaper. Try to interest the buyer with some unusual detail. Well, if all efforts are vain, do not upset. Try to revive the sheepskin coat with a new element - a brooch, a scarf, matched in a tone with boots. Perhaps the need for sales will disappear by itself.

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