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How to sell records


How to sell records</a>

The sale of records, like any other product, requires a serious attitude.

It is necessary to conduct pre-sale training, to make a competent announcement and to choose the right places for its placement.



Pre-sales preparation of records. Such training implies bringing the goods sold in the proper manner. First, in this way, respect for the buyer is expressed; secondly, it will help to sell the goods more profitable. Check that there are corresponding envelopes for all the plates. Those of them that are torn, glue. Wipe off dust. The plates themselves are not recommended for wiping - they can easily be scratched. Their purification is best done if there is experience in this matter.


Place your ad in local newspapersFree ads. Try to describe the goods being sold as accurately and in detail. Specify the number of records, the main musical directions presented to them, their status, are you ready to sell them separately or just all together. Correctly indicate the contact details, with which you can be contacted. A well-written announcement is the key to a successful sale. It will provide all the most necessary information that will attract only potential buyers.


Use the services of the Internet. Existing bulletin boards and forums can be a great help for finding buyers. Select some of the most popular city forums (or specialized ones, if any) and post a sales advertisement in the appropriate section. Complete it with more detailed information. You can give a detailed list of the musical directions or authors available on your records. Supplement your ad with photos is a bonus to the ad. Do not forget to provide contact information for the contact.


Also you can place an advertisement for saleOn one of the all-Russian (or even universal) auction sites. Each section is viewed by a large number of people interested in this topic, so the probability of finding a buyer is quite high. However, be prepared for the fact that you will most likely have to transfer the records to another city.

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