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How to sell a piece of land

The division of land is not without the participation of registration, inventory and mapping

In Soviet times it was possible to get "in one hand" a total of 6 acres of land, respectively, to separate them was impossible.

Currently, no such restriction, and to divide the land and sell exactly what part of it is also possible.



If you are the sole owner and would like to shareinto two separate areas, and then sell, you need to turn to a specialized company for Land Management and Geodesy. The specialist will conduct all necessary steps to list your site surveying).


When you get all the documents after surveying,contact the Federal Service for State Registration, Cadastre and Cartography, in order to remove the old section of the register, and the two plot to put on the cadastral registration.


Further, the owner may have to register the ownership of two separate areas in the Registration Chamber. As a result, the owner receives two certificates into two sections.


In the event that the owners of the landare two or more persons, and a portion of the common property, the following section options: - Owners can agree among themselves and to share one portion into two or more separate allotment. on the land section procedures are carried out exactly the same as with a single owner. All documents shall include all the owners. As a result, after surveying, inventory and obtain registration of two or more separate areas, depending on the number of holders, but still common property. - Alternatively, the division of the site into two or more, but each owner receives one site in the sole proprietorship. Stops the common ownership of the land. The owners must enter into an agreement between themselves before the surveying process. That is, the original plot of land, of which formed new areas, will cease to exist.

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