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How to sell paper

How to sell paper

The company, which produces paper, should understandwhat to look for customers only in the region is meaningless. In parallel with the release paper for the needs of the local market, it is desirable to seek a buyer for the side - must be used in the analysis of the neighboring regions, and the search for partners, both in them and in the near abroad.

But above all, they need to select paper grades that are most in demand.



First of all, indicate the types of paper thatdoes not require specific equipment. To do this, you need to focus on demand. Conduct market research, which should identify the main paper grades that are used in your area.


After you have carried out research and establishedproduction, start building a list of potential customers. It can be newspapers, magazines, companies that provide printing services and printing. Start with your region.


In parallel with this, create requestscooperation, using the internet to search for companies of your target group in the neighboring regions. In order to get a client, you can use techniques such as growing prices and discounts for large volumes of goods or a long-term contract.


Work with the editorial boards of industrial logsand magazines for entrepreneurs. You can work with it on mutual settlements in the form of payment of the cost of production due to the advertising of your company in their magazine. Remember that the wider you advertise your company, the more potential customers you can find.


Search and find regional representatives,working for a percentage of a successful transaction. Under this scheme, you can go to almost any market, the most important thing - ask for a lower price than competitors.

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