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How to sell new goods

How to sell new goods

For every product, as a rule, there is a buyer.

When a new product, which has not been previously commercially, you need to create the greatest possible excitement around the new items to attract the greatest number of buyers.

The more customers will buy the product, the more likely that they will recommend it to others, which, in turn, will launch a second wave of excitement.



Before the advent of the new productand on the market, use advertising to create a teaser - videos and posters, which are pre-history to the emergence of producta. Design an advertising campaign in such a way that it should start a few months before the productand by the time of its release to the market is at its peak.


At the time of occurrence productand must have created the preconditions for its popularity. Publish a report on the technical tests, unusual know-how - all that can create the effect of the exclusivity for this producta. The more of it will say, the more it will be popular.


The goods must be on the market, with the mostpossible cost. If successful, the campaign will be its popularity is high, and therefore, will be great customer desire to have a novelty. Therefore it is necessary to specify precisely the maximum value at the start, and then lower it.


Arrange the event of exit productand on the market. Solemnly announced in the advertising space and time, in which he for the first time will be available to generate maximum excitement. expose new product on a separate stand, which should stand out among others.

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