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How to sell machines

How to sell machines

The company, which produces machines for industrial use, must clearly highlight your target group.

Naturally, if slightly change the design of the machine,it can produce other products that is different from that for which designed before, but this would require a large number of changes in the production cycle points.

Therefore, the first step in the sale of machines should be the identification of the target group.



You should absolutely clear about what types of products can produce your company, that is, for the production of any type of goods are your machines. Avoid large fluctuations - let it be uzkofunktsionalnoe device, but a reliable and problem-oriented one.


Get to the base of potential drawingcustomers. Not necessarily focus only on your area - search in nearby. Your goal - it's large and medium industrial enterprises that produce products produced by the likes of your machines.


Treat each customer individually. You have to calculate how much it will cost restructuring production with the implementation of your machines and how much cheaper it is to produce products. If the benefit is obvious, easily apply the company visit and make an offer, but if by your calculations venture out unprofitable or unit cost of the deployment of your machine does not change, you know that you lose time in vain.


Do not try to just sell machines. Treat potential customers aspartners aim to conclude a contract for post-warranty maintenance of their machines. Remember that in the event of a successful transaction and the actual benefits of your reputation will go in front of you.

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