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How to sell machine tools


How to sell machine tools</a>

An enterprise that produces machines for industrial use must clearly distinguish its target group.

Naturally, if you slightly change the design of the machine,It can produce other products different from those for which it was intended before, but this will require a change in a large number of points in the production cycle.

Therefore, the first step in the sale of machines should be the identification of the target group.



You must absolutely clearly know what types of products your company can produce, that is, for the production of what type of goods are your Machine tools. Do not allow big fluctuations - let it be a narrow-functional device, but reliable and focused on one task.


Start compiling a database of potentialCustomers. It's not necessary to focus only on your region - look in the neighboring. Your goal is large and medium-sized industrial enterprises that produce the products produced by your similar machines.


Consider each client individually. You have to calculate how much it will cost the restructuring of production with the introduction of your machines and how much cheaper it will produce products. In case the benefits are obvious, boldly bring this company a visit and make a commercial offer, if by your calculations the enterprise turns out to be unprofitable, or the unit cost of the product from the introduction of your machines does not change, know that you are wasting your time.


Do not just try to sell Machine tools. Treat potential customers asPartners, strive to conclude a contract for post-warranty maintenance of their machines. Remember that in case of a successful transaction and a real benefit, your reputation will go ahead of you.

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