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How to sell knitted things


How to sell knitted things</a>

Many talented needlewomen who canKnit beautiful and quality things, sooner or later start to think about how to turn your hobby into a small home business. But not everyone knows how to do this.

Before some of the craftsmen, the question arises: how to realize knitted things?

There are several ways to sell handmade products.

You will need

  • Yarn, knitting needles, knitting magazines, computer with Internet access, camera, personal business cards.



The first and most important thing that you need to do -Determine what you offer your potential buyer. Do not knit gray miserable sweaters a la "farewell to youth." Browse fashion magazines (now in all women's magazines necessarily consider the fashion trends in the new season). Find on the Internet sites devoted to new trends of fashion. See what famous designers offer. Study all this and start creating.


Tie several models together. But first make quality photos. To do this, it is not necessary to buy a professional camera, you can do with the usual "soap box". The main thing - do not take pictures of your work in the usual home interior. Choose a beautiful background. Direct the light correctly. Take a few photos from different angles, with a flash and without it. Look at the photos that masters make, which exhibit their works on the Internet. Look for sites that teach you how to properly take photographs of handicrafts


Here are your pictures ready. Well, if you know how to work with photo editing programs, correct the images. Make two catalogs with your work. One in electronic form. You will use them to place your products on the Internet. The second in the form of an album. It will come in handy to you if you decide to sell your creations through stores.


Start selling. The most effective assistant in the sale of handicrafts is the Internet. It provides a lot of opportunities. Register for thematic forums. As a rule, they all have a section "Ads". Create your own topic in this section. It is also good to advertise your products on general-themed women's forums, social networks and communities. Register on the sites that unite the same masters. Here are some of them:


In every city there are shops and shops,Who sell goods for needlework, including yarn. Many of them willingly take handmade products for sale. Also, many children's goods stores or animal products willingly agree to work with private craftsmen (this is if you knit for children or animals). Take your work or catalog that you made as an album with photos, go through these stores and offer cooperation with you. Take into account only the fact that working with such stores, you will not get an absolute guarantee of the sale of your products.

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