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How to sell if you do not want to buy

How to sell</a>

What to do if you made a product, but do not want to buy it.

How to attract buyers if they do not want to buy?

Below are the rules and examples of their use by successful managers.



The first rule is: "Give out the visible flaws for unique properties," let's look at this rule in the case of James Young.

When the young engineer James Young came to the firm"Jay Walter Thompson", he was given a difficult task. It was necessary to send out a batch of apples, which turned black with frost. He instantly came up with how to sell the goods, just accompanied the party with a note in which it was said that apples had grown in the mountains. And with very sharp temperature changes. So they retained their juiciness and sweetness. Nobody returned a batch of spoiled apples, but on the contrary asked to send them the same next time.


Throw yourself in the eye, consider the example of 3Suisses.

In the distant 1931, the first catalogs were invented,Which could be ordered goods. They were sold in bookshops. Publisher 3Suisses thought about how to sell its catalog? The output was found in the reduction of the catalog format, due to this, the sellers put it on top of the rest, so that the stack does not fall apart, and the buyer, as a rule, always took the upper one.


Take advantage of your own mistakes, following the example of Harley Procter.

He got a soapy business from his father, howeverAt that time people were reluctant to buy soap. And then one day, accidentally digesting it, Harley noticed that it became snow-white, lighter and did not sink in the water. This became his token, all housewives rushed to buy such a soap, because they were tired of catching slippery remnants on the bottom of the bath. Such a mistake brought Harley $ 7 million.


Visibility of care for people, as did the company Spinach Can.

How to sell spinach, when people just do not want toIt is there. The company got out of this situation like this: handed the spinach to the cartoon character, the lap-eyed seaman Papaya, the idol of all the children. The success was colossal.


Brainstorm, as Bruce Barton did

In 1957 the American firm Henckels createdUnique knives for cleaning potatoes. They were comfortable and not dull, so the housewives did not hurry for the new ones. However, when the firm was already on the verge of bankruptcy, they had to ask for advice from Bruce and his advertising agency. He advised them to paint the knife handle in the color of the potato peel, so the housewives began to mistakenly throw them into a bucket and follow new knives.


Conduct a survey among buyers as Ettore Sottsass.

His first job was to update the design badlySold mechanical alarms. He noticed that before buying all the people check it for weight. The lungs did not inspire confidence in them. The solution was found in the fact that he soldered into the alarm clock lead pig.

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