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How to sell half of the studio

How to sell half of the studio

Sometimes there are situations when it is necessaryto sell its stake in the apartment. If the apartment two, then this option is not very complicated, because a separate room is a certain value.

But with half a one bedroom apartment is much more complicated.



The main problem is that part ofstudio almost nobody cares, except in certain rare cases. However, in any version of the amount received from the sale of shares that will be much less than if you were together with another owner sold the apartment and divided the sum from the sale.


Before you sell your half notethat under the law a second owner or owners have a so-called pre-emptive rights. In practice, this means that you need to inform them of its intention to sell its stake in the apartment. In a decision given them a month, after which you can freely submit their part of the apartment.


You will need written proof,that the other co-owners have been notified of the sale. The problem may occur if you do not know the location of some of the co-owners, in this case, require a certificate that his whereabouts can not be established. Get it can be in the passport office.


Please note that the free market can be flatexhibit at a price not lower than what you offered to another owner. The most unpleasant thing is that if during the negotiations with the buyer, you will lower the final price, the procedure for notifying the second owner and have solutions waiting to pass over. Naturally, you'll need all the title documents for an apartment for your part of the transaction.


Selling its stake in a studio apartment -very difficult and unprofitable business, so you can use this method only as a last resort. If there is an opportunity to negotiate with other owners to buy out your share or co-selling, try to do so, not to lose a significant amount of money on obviously bad bargain.

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