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How to sell goods abroad

How to sell goods abroad

International business is practically noIt is different from a business that is going on inside the country between regions. The scheme of work is the same - you define for yourself what you produce, and for whom, and then looking for a customer who is willing to buy it at the price at which you sell.

In the specific case of Russia, the situation is twofold -both foreigners and attracts low cost of goods produced in Russia, and the unknown scares and risks to which they may expose themselves.



First of all, long before you startseek customers, your product and your company will require certification. The world standard in this field is the ISO standard. If your company has this standard, it is a huge plus when working with foreign partners, as a guarantor of quality and reliability.


Make sure that all your documentscompanies have been translated into English, as well as the site and the company, as well as instructions for the product and information leaflets. A foreigner should be easy to find and understand information about your company. The staff have to be the staff, who speak English.


Ask for help in finding a partner inthe nearest Euro Info Correspondence Centre. This institution, which is usually open at the Chambers of Commerce of Russian cities, and their main goal - is a free search for a partner in the EU.


Take part in international exhibitions and fairs. You have to express yourself, and face to face communication - the most convenient opportunity to make contacts and establish itself as a reliable partner. Remember that at the shows your main goal - is not to sell the goods in the here and now, and to make contact and find potential partners. Participation in exhibitions - the only truly effective method of searching for partners abroad.

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