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How to sell discs

How to sell discs

In the nineties of the twentieth century could be seen a real boom stalls and shops that sold discs.

Of course, the discs were pirated.

Currently, in order to sell discsyou must have a number of trade licenses and exclusively licensed products. Of course, due to the fact that almost every movie is now possible, yet not so large download stream.

But it is based on the fact that the product is licensed, you can make good money by selling CDs.



First of all, mark the opening of itsstore any significant event. Arrange an advertising campaign that will directly precede the opening of the store. Focus on the fact that only high-quality licensed products can be bought in your store.


Quality, quality and again quality - that's whatIt should be your credo. Place the word "license" for each ad that you produce. Advertised as widely as possible, a good advertising idea can be placement of comments to the films in poor quality information about your salon.


It is desirable to have a convenient online directorysorting of movies, games and music. The buyer should be able to reserve the goods for one day in order to buy it later. Advertise your site on social networks and advertising in the city.


Remember that in your store does notshall be sold by cash. Install hidden cameras and in case of suspicion of trafficking counterfeit goods "under the counter" severely punished troublemakers.

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