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How to sell a term paper

How to sell a term paper

Anyone who, as a student, knows that a student two major state - eating and sleeping. And there is a third state - session when neither eat nor sleep.

The session usually creeps up unnoticed, and therefore, in a very short period of time is necessary not only to study the disciplines of 3-5, 1-2 and write term papers. Especially talented all have time.

But there is a category of students (as a rule, are not burdened with financial problems and intellect), which prefer to buy ready-made research.

Demand creates supply, so talk today about how to sell the course work.

You will need

  • Actually the course work, a computer with Internet access.



In order to sell the exchange rate workWe need proper course work. Now there are many sites that specialize in resale papers. You can try to cooperate with them, but, in my experience, most of them pay for the finished work such ridiculous money, that this option is better not to consider, if you really want to earn extra money.
So the first step - finding a buyer. Search buyers advise on their own - on forums, through social networks, through a friend. You can sell your work students of the same faculty where you are studying.

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When there is a potential buyer,should immediately discuss with him some of the details - is there any additional requirements for the teacher (layout, references and so on.), and if there is, customize your own whether or not a student work under the necessary requirements, and that you yourself prefer. If the design of the care falls on your shoulders, you should consider an increase in the cost of the work.

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And finally, the most enjoyable stage - the transfer operationand receiving money. I have to say, some enterprising geek the graduate students and young professionals get a good living during the session sale of their works and writing new ones.

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