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How to sell concert tickets

How to sell concert tickets

If concert tickets to be ordered on the company, it is impossible to foresee all.

Someone could be urgent business, or simply a desire to go to the gulf concert.

In this case the hands are, at least, a pair of tickets that can not pass. But this does not mean that they will lie dead weight - you can always sell them to other interested persons.

sales method depends on how much time is left before the concert.



Before the concert left more than two weeks, youYou can rely on social networks and message boards, as those located on the Internet and in newspapers. Place ads tickets at a reduced price in the social network - in groups and fan pages devoted to this concert. Use newspaper Free classified ads.


Before the concert less than a week, you have to spend a little more time and nerves. Try to resell tickets those who buy tickets at the box office - depending on how you are lucky, you can sell tickets a half an hour, and for a couple of days.


Ultimately, if the time is running out very much, you can sell tickets Just before the concert. Sometimes people have a spontaneous desire to go to a concert, but a ticket is no time. Come to the concert venue for a couple of hours before the start and offer tickets. Remember that if you want to sell tickets quickly, you need to make a discount from the base price of the ticket.

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