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How to sell wholesale clothing

How to sell wholesale clothing

Business owners always want to get more and more profit.

So manufacturers are aimed at increasing sales.

To sales volumes were higher, you must have a well-ramified network of sales, but more profitable to sell products in bulk.



The first step is to take care ofcompetent advertising. If your company has not its own website, it is necessary to solve this problem. It is best to entrust it to the development and advancement of proven experts in this market. To do this, provide them with all the necessary information about your products, prices, conditions of work with wholesale buyers. It is better if your site is not just informative, but provide an opportunity for consumers to make purchases on the spot.


To cover your advertising as much as possiblethe audience should be given to dissemination of a lot of effort and time. Therefore, it is desirable to hire a competent advertising manager. It is he who will have to determine what tools will attract a greater number of wholesalers. Depending on the type of products sold, you can actively use outdoor billboards, advertising in online directories, specialized media, daughters ads. You must also have a set of printed materials: business cards, brochures, catalogs with full information about the product being sold.


In order to attract wholesalers, it is necessary to create athese favorable conditions. It can be not only prices, but also special services, additional services (such as free transportation, accommodation of the information about them on your website).


To sell more, hire moreProfessionals engaged in cold calls to your potential customers, sending commercial proposals, the negotiation of the terms of transactions. You can also create a network of sales representatives involved in travel to the customers in each region.


The original course of increase in wholesale sales -the organization of a network of franchisees. To do this you just need to sell the franchise for a reasonable fee, to help buyers to organize the business, to provide them with special conditions. In addition, you can give them their goods for sale.

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