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How to sell cars in Ukraine

How to sell cars in Ukraine

In Ukraine, unlike Russia, it is impossible to conclude the sale of the car in a simple written form of the contract. Be sure to register it with the notary.

This method, in contrast to the transfer of the machine on the power of attorney and certificate of fictitious invoices from the showroom, is fraught with the least problems for the seller and the buyer, but the most expensive.

You will need

  • - passport-
  • - Documents on the car-
  • - A certificate from otsenschika-
  • - A certificate from the traffic police that the cars in the current year did not sell (in the primary market) -
  • - notarial services-
  • - Money to pay for notary services and the manufacture of the necessary documents.



For a start will have to contact the company,We provide services for used cars evaluation. There you will be given a certificate of the average market value of the car. On the basis of this figure will be deducted from stamp duty, which you pay upon notary transaction.


You should also take the help at the traffic police that yourthe car has not been sold in the current year. You can get to the traffic police department, where the car is registered. Paid service, reference value is about 300 hryvnia. This document may not be necessary. So check with the notary, if your application is enough for him that is written directly when you make a transaction or still required a certificate from the traffic police.


At the notary will have to pay the state fee. It will be 5% of the amount specified in the certificate of an appraiser, if you sell the car to a stranger, and 1% on the sale of close relatives. Close relatives under Ukrainian law are spouses, children and parents, brothers and sisters. In addition, an average of 1 thousand -.. 1.5 thousand hryvnia will take for the services notary public (check for the absence of obstacles to the transaction, contract forms, etc..).


Upon completion of the transaction the seller has to pay income tax. When the initial sale of the machine is only 1% of the amount specified in the contract. In other cases - 15%.

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