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How to sell articles on the Internet and have at the same success?

How to sell articles on the Internet and have at the same success?

In this article you will learn about three different methods of selling items on the Internet, as well as on how to be successful in trading, which adhere to the recommendations.

You will need

  • Ability to write correctly, knowledge of the topics in which you are going to write, patience, perseverance.



I want to say right away that the sale of the articles on the stock exchangesIt does not give their authors are absolutely no guarantees. Absolutely! Many copywriters say they are articles on exchanges sag for weeks and sometimes months. It is safer to write the article for any specific person of the customer. But turn to the main theme of the instructions - how to sell the article to Internet content exchanges.


Before you sell, you need to write an article. If you do not write for a specific customer, it is best to write on popular topics: repair, construction, automobiles, earnings, business, insurance, tourism, and their derivatives. The more the article is in your character, the better, the higher the cost.


After writing the article, check it onuniqueness. To do this, download the program Advego Plagiatus with advego.ru site, start it, enter in the text box text of your article and choose "check uniqueness." Quality article should be unique to 97% may be unique to the 93%, but this article has already cost will be lower, fewer people will want to buy it.


When the above steps you willdone, you can place an article on the exchange. The most popular stock exchanges on the Internet are considered advego, textsale, etxt. Usually it is recommended to place the article on the three exchanges at once, and as soon as one of the exchanges will buy it immediately removed from the rest. Do not be afraid to appoint the seller a fee - it can significantly increase the sales rate will allow you to quickly get their money.

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