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How to Sell an Icon


How to Sell an Icon</a>

Quite often for some reason people want to sell icons.

Usually these are rare paintings that are not cheap, but here's how you can find a buyer for them, some just do not know.



Talk to your friends. About twenty years ago, the purchase and subsequent sale of icons was quite a lucrative affair. People, as a rule, private individuals, bought them up, restored them and already searched for the buyer on their own. Talk to your friends, perhaps someone from their environment will be interested in your proposal.


Take advantage of the Internet. Place your ad on the network on special sites where you can buy and sell used things. Look at the suggestions for buying icons. You can contact several people or organizations and sell your icon to an interested person.


Sell ​​the icon to the church. To do this, contact the elder or the abbot, be sure to show the icon so that the person can imagine what it is about. However, there is one point here - do not expect that the church will immediately accept the offer, you can get a refusal.


Go to the antiques store. It is here that you can often find interesting things, including old icons. The appraiser will examine your picture and name the price that the store is ready to offer. Do not rush to sell the icon immediately, go around a few more places to eventually sell the icon as profitable as possible.


Go to the store icons. There are certain organizations that specialize in the sale of icons. There is a high probability that your icon will be bought for a good amount.

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