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How to sell an icon

How to sell an icon

Quite often, for various reasons, people want to sell icons.

This is usually rare paintings, which are expensive, but here is how you can find a buyer for them, some just do not know.



Talk with your friends. About twenty years ago, the purchase and subsequent sale of icons was quite lucrative. People, as a rule, individuals bought it, restored and has further sought a buyer yourself. Talk to your friends, maybe someone around them interested in your offer.


Use the internet. Place an ad network for specific sites where you can buy and sell used items. Browse offers to buy icons. You can contact several people or organizations, and the interested party to sell its icon.


Sell ​​icon in the church. To do this, refer to the warden or the abbot, be sure to show the icon of a person to imagine what was going on. However, there is one thing - do not expect that the church immediately accept the offer, you can get and failure.


Go to antique shop. It is here that you'll find most interesting things, including old icons. The appraiser will inspect your picture and name the price that the store is willing to offer. Do not rush to sell the icon immediately, go around a few places to eventually sell the icon as profitable as possible.


Go to store icons. There are certain organizations that specialize in the sale of icons. There is high probability that your icon will buy for a good amount.

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