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How to sell an apartment under the mortgage

Sell ​​apartment under the mortgage

The real estate market a lot of apartments, encumbered by a mortgage for sale.

The reason for this may be a divorce, moving to another city, the need to expand living space, or the inability to continue to pay for the mortgage.

You will need

  • - The resolution of the bank to prodazhu-
  • - A package of documents (passport, certificate of ownership, etc.).



Sell ​​apartment under the mortgage is possible ifthe loan agreement has a clause which spelled out the possibility of early repayment of the loan. It is necessary to inform your bank about planning to sell the apartment and get permission. Banks are not profitable premature mortgage payments, because in that case they will not receive interest on the remaining amount. But this is a better option than to collect the debt in court. Therefore, banks in most cases, prescribe permission for sale.


After writing the application to the bank for the alienationhousing should look for a buyer for his apartment. To do this, you can hire an experienced realtor who knows all the details of such a sale. With self-searching can be served ads in local newspapers and on the Internet, which necessarily should be pointed out that the apartment be under encumbrance, and the write amount of the debt.


Pay off the mortgage and you can remove the encumbrancemoney received credit in the same or another bank, or finance, which will provide the buyer. Therefore, it is necessary to write in the ads the amount of debt, not all are available in "real" money.


If the money to pay off the mortgage gives the buyer,something with it is a preliminary contract of sale. After calculating the bank should remove the encumbrance in the Registration Chamber and obtain a new certificate for an apartment. And you can already reach a deal with the buyer. But in many cases, the delivery of documents to the removal of the encumbrance and registration of the main contract of sale take place in one day.


If the buyer is not available the required amount, and healso takes a mortgage, then renew your loan it will not work. Of course, it all depends on the bank's conditions. But it may happen so that the bank does not like credit history of the buyer or, on the contrary, the buyer is not satisfied with the terms of the loan by the bank.


If you want to increase the living space and to buy a newapartment, the bank can go forward and give extra credit for the purchase of new housing. And after the sale of the old apartment, partly to repay the new loan.


Scheme of sale of an apartment largely depends onjoint decision between the Bank, the buyer and the seller-borrower. Many banks give preferential mortgage rates for buyers of apartments of their clients. Also, the bank may allow to sell the apartment only in two cases - in the first, if the buyer gets an apartment for cash, in the second, when you make a mortgage in the same bank. So to sell a house, encumbered with a mortgage, perhaps, but it's hard. Not every buyer will go to such conditions.

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