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How to sell a product or service

How to sell a product or service

You have created an excellent service for consumers or irreplaceable items.

Naturally, the measure of your success is sales.

Whether the sale of goods are different from the sale of services or has a single circuit?



TovarEsli we need a certain product, wequite clearly we imagine it. Its shape, texture and color, size, style and design. We can measure the space under the item of "furniture" category or try a cream for the face, thanks to the probe in the magazine, to evaluate its properties. We can refer to promotional tasting counter in the store and try the advertised food product to personally verify its taste and quality. In short, the main feature of the goods - their tangibility, opportunities to try and evaluate the product before buying it. The concentration of the fear of the buyer failed to buy is not great and is easy to remove, simply offer to try on or try your product.


UslugaProdavat services is somewhat more complicated than the product, but the themes and interesting. Buying serviceWe acquire a kind of promise thatthose whom we trust, will perform the assigned task in the stipulated time and with high quality. It is difficult to trust strangers, and even pay for their promises. The main property services, as opposed to product - its intangibility, is not an option for certain evaluate the quality before buying. Fear of the customer purchase fails high, but it can be overcome or at least reduced. It is on this and your efforts on selling services should be directed.


As prodatDlya to sell a product, youWe need to convince potential customers of its quality. You can hang a lot of clothes sizes, so everyone can try it or organize it fit on the figure on the ground. Spend tasting food or offer promotional campaign, giving a gift for the purchase of a certain amount of your product. You can also conduct product demonstration, for example, selling cosmetics, you should arrange a "Day of Beauty" and make-up using your cosmetics to everyone, so that they are seen as products of you.
Upon the sale of the most important services on what you need to concentrate - to make service more tangible as possible. Offer a free test drive or run a small test assignment. Record a video, how to use your services to solve similar problems of another client. Invite the "behind the scenes" of the potential buyer, show details and tell us what you are doing, in order to qualitatively and in time to cope with the task, what materials and equipment you use at the same time.


The added value and extraservicesAdditional value of the goods may serve the prestige of its brand or product packaging that is suitable for recycling. For example, a beautiful iron box from under sweets, which can be used as a casket. When selling added value services is a guarantee or warranty service, the provision of additional services, giving customers even greater comfort.

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