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How to sell a product or service


How to sell a product or service</a>

You have created an excellent service for consumers or an indispensable product.

Naturally, the measure of your success are sales.

Are sales of goods different from the sale of services different, or are there unified schemes?



If we need a specific product, weQuite clearly imagine it. Its shape, texture and color, size, style and design. We can measure the space for a product from the category of "furniture" or try a face cream, thanks to a probe in the magazine, to evaluate its properties. We can turn to the tasting promo stand in the store and try the advertised food to see for yourself its taste and quality. In short, the main property of the goods is their tangibility, the ability to try on and evaluate the product before buying it. Concentration of fear of the buyer before the unsuccessful purchase is not great and easy to remove, it is enough just to offer to try on or try your product.


ServiceSell services are somewhat more complicated than the goods, but the more interesting. Buying Service, We kind of get the promise thatThose whom we trust will carry out the assigned task on a specified date and qualitatively. It's hard to trust strangers, and even pay for their promises. The main feature of the service, as opposed to the product - is its intangibility, not an opportunity to assess the quality before the purchase. The client's fear of unsuccessful purchase is high, but it can be overcome, or at least reduced. This is exactly what your efforts to sell the service should be directed at.


How to sell In order to sell goods, youYou need to convince potential buyers in its quality. You can post a lot of sizes of clothes, so that everyone can try it on or organize its fit on the figure on the spot. Conduct a tasting food product or offer a promotion, giving a gift for the purchase of a certain amount of your product. You can also conduct a demonstration of the product, for example, when selling decorative cosmetics, you should arrange a "Beauty Day" and make make-up with your cosmetics to everyone who wants it, so that they are convinced of the quality of the products you produce.
When selling a service, the most important thing you should concentrate on is making Service As tangible as possible. Offer a free test drive or perform a small test task. Write down a video of how the similar problems of another client were solved with the help of your service. Invite a prospective buyer "behind the scenes", show in detail and tell us what you are doing to qualitatively and on time meet the task, what materials and equipment you are using.


Additional value and additionalServices The additional value of the goods can be the prestige of its brand or the packaging of the product, suitable for reuse. For example, a beautiful iron box from under the sweets, which can be used as a casket. When selling the service, an additional value is a guarantee or post-warranty service, the provision of additional services, which gives the client even more comfort.

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