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How to sell a picture using the Internet


How to sell a picture using the Internet</a>

Is it real to sell a picture through the Internet? Before the development of the Internet it was difficult to promote his talent.

Today there are no problems with this.

In the article it is told how to sell the picture not only to connoisseurs of art.

It turns out that the pictures on the Internet are in great demand, the main thing is to show it correctly.



To start, you need to choose a site where you will sell them. For the sale of paintings suitable as a site for free ads, and specialized services, for example: etsy.com.


When you have decided on the site, you need to think thatYou need a user. Too large or too small pictures are not in great demand. Moreover, especially popular are elongated paintings, i.e. paintings, one side of which is two times larger than the other (for example, 100X50 cm, 120X60 cm, etc.) or square, but not very large, from about 50 to 80 cm on one side.


In addition to the size of the picture should be fully ready for use, ie, it must be such that the purchased picture can be immediately hung on the wall without any frames.


Convince the buyer that he is getting a reliable product, for example: indicate that the authenticity of the picture is legally certified. This will show the buyer that the author's picture is not a fake.


It will also be a big plus, if you add a few photos to the description of the picture, on which your picture is part of the interior. Hang the picture on the wall and take a few pictures.


Be sure to describe yourself in the description. The more information you provide about yourself, the more you will be trusted. Enter more contacts for the link. If you are planning to sell paintings to foreign citizens, then be sure to include a link to your page in some foreign social network, for example, on Facebook.

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