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How to sell the painting via Internet

How to sell the painting via Internet

Is it possible to sell the painting via the Internet? Prior to development of the Internet was difficult to promote their talent.

Today, this is no problem.

The article provides instructions on how to sell the painting not only art lovers.

It turns out that the picture on the internet are in great demand, the main thing - to show it correctly.



First you need to choose a site where you sell them. For the sale of paintings will approach a free classified ads website, as well as specialized services such as: etsy.com.


When decided on the site, you need to think thatuser needs. Too large or too small pictures are not in great demand. Moreover, the most popular are stretched painting, t. E. The picture, one side of which two times larger than the other (for example, 100x50 cm, 120x60 cm, etc.) or square, but not very large, about 50 to 80 cm on one side.


In addition to the size of the picture should be completely ready for use, ie. E. Shall be such that the picture could be bought immediately hang on the wall without frames.


Convince the buyer that he becomes a solid product, for example: indicate that the authenticity of the painting legally certified. This will show the buyer that the picture of the author and is not a fake.


There will also be a big plus if you attach a picture to describe some pictures in which your picture is part of the interior. Hang a picture on the wall and take a few pictures.


Be sure to tell us in the description about yourself. The more information you provide about yourself, the more you will trust. Specify more contacts for communication. If you plan to sell the paintings to foreign nationals, be sure to provide a link to your page in any foreign social networking site, for example, to Facebook.

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