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How to sell a car for spare parts

How to sell a car for spare parts

If you sell the car for spare parts (car is not on the run, beaten severely, and others.) To remove it from the register is not required.

But it is better to do it yourself before or after the sale, rather than relying on the buyer (a few will take the bureaucratic chores).

You also deregistration save to pay motor vehicle tax as required.

You will need

  • - A set of documents for the removal of the car from the account in connection with the utilizatsiey-
  • - Actions to locate a buyer.



To remove the car from the account in connection with the disposal need to contact the traffic police department at the place of its registration. himself car in this case to provide a viewing is not necessary. Suffice statements, passports, receipts for payment of state duty, the documents for the car (registration certificate and registration certificate) and license plates. Rooms and documents car subject to availability.
If you go get the documents for the number units recyclable machine, for example, the engine will have to provide them to the traffic police for inspection.


You can also first find a buyervia ads on specialized sites and in the media and discuss with him the price and details of the sale. In particular, when and who should deliver the car at the agreed place or point to take away from his current home.


The contract is concluded is not required: it is already officially machines as such, no. It is enough to make an exchange of money for car. However, the reliability is not odd exchange receipts or acts of the absence of mutual claims.
In the presence of mutual obligations relatedthe transaction safer and secure them in writing. Standard contract and other sample documents can be found on the Internet or ask for help in their preparation of an attorney.

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