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How to sell a car

How to sell a car

Sooner or later there comes a time when you have to part with his iron horse. His age, your changed preferences - the reasons could be many.

Any car owner seeks to replace the car with the least losses and, if possible, more profitably.



If you decide to sell the car withinof the city, take advantage of the local media, which serves ads, trying as much as possible to interest a potential buyer. Most often these ads are paid, but the cost is absolutely symbolic. Note the frequency of media and do not forget to update the ads once or twice a week.


Take advantage of the services of the car market. In every city there are such places, the entrance to which is paid. Print a sheet of A4 format with all the characteristics of the car, age and mileage. Do not forget to drive on the eve of his iron friend in a car wash, it should be clean and attractive both outside and inside. In the automotive market is important to notice in the eyes of people interested in the car, whether or not they want to buy it or just make a Sunday outing with the whole family. Believe me, it is necessary to save his zeal for the real buyers. In your enthusiasm for the fifth-sixth repetition of information about the car starts slowly, but surely, tend to zero.


Refer to the Internet. Today, there are dozens of portals for the sale and purchase of second-hand vehicles. Pros is that the money for the ad placement, they do not take. Be sure to add a few photos from different angles, so you will increase your chances. By placing an ad on the Internet, you expand the range of potential buyers. The whole country, as well as near abroad becomes possible habitat. Examples of sites for sale the car: avto.ru, bibika.ru, avito.ru, sell-a-car-in-moscow.ru and others.


Resort to the auto services. Today, virtually every car shop sells machines supported. Yes, for these services you have to pay, but there are many benefits. Your phone does not attack the buyers, do not you have to several times an hour to talk about his car. Employees of service for the sale of cars will make it professionally, they will not bother to compose beautiful speech about your car, because they will receive for this interest. As a result, your car sold itself without causing a headache.


Determine the value of the car. This is an important point, which sometimes makes you wonder Seller hard. Use all the same internet, on sites selling cars look for the same brand and model year, and the prices look. So you will know the approximate amount you can get. Keep in mind that every year the car loses about 10% of its original value.


car sale time too often introducesowners of a stupor. It is believed that the best time to sell - spring. But consider that in the spring of your car will be another year older, which means a 10% discount. Remember that it is necessary to get rid of the car before it starts to break down and fall apart. On 70-80 thousand kilometers is already thinking about his change.


Last piece of advice: do not mess with family and friends. After all, most cars are sold not in the best condition. And in this case, the claim will crumble on you punctually. Plus, your have to sell cheaper. So think a hundred times before you get involved in such an uneasy relationship with loved ones.
Do not sell the car on the general power of attorney. It is always a risk. Even after 5-6, and 10 years, you can call to report that the car fled the scene. It is unlikely that you are interested in the life of strangers who have purchased your machine.

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