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Self-hypnosis for success

Self-hypnosis for success

How many among us happy people!

A neighbor has changed the car a former classmate successfully married colleague rest in expensive resorts ...

You often visit such thoughts?

And you're not happy with your life? If the answer is "yes", then it is a problem that must be fought.

The problem lies in you.

To change your life for the better, it is necessary to radically change their identity!

certificate of good conduct

A new life start with nice stuff - poura cup of your favorite coffee, grab a sheet of paper and a pen for 10 minutes, write down all your best qualities. It is difficult to remember? Think better - it can be your commitment, your kindness. Surely you remember the positive aspects of which have forgotten. Believe me, self-hypnosis works wonders, so read your positive response a couple of times, realize that you are more good, not bad!

Drawing lesson

Now reflect on what it means for youhuman success. For example, a prosperity in the house, the perfect happy family. Draw on a large piece of his dream. Make it colorful: the sea vacation, a new car, her husband and many children. If you do not know how to paint, you can make your dreams a collage of various colorful pictures. After that, a drawing or collage, attach to the wall in a prominent place. Every morning admire the dream, aspire to it.


Pick phrases for auto-suggestion. Come up with something unique, instead of "I'm the best." Pronounces its positive features. The same is done with their dreams. Repeat every day, these spells, while a positive self-suggestion will bear fruit in the near future.

An important rule

Want - it's half the battle, it is necessary to achieve their goals! No positive attitude, unfortunately, will not help to radically change life, you should support his footwork!

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