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Pour floors: a universal solution


Self-leveling floors: a universal solution</a>

Modern building materials qualitatively make life easier not only for developers, but for owners.

Take, for example, a filling floor - a convenient andPractical building material that, in comparison with linoleum and ceramic tiles, has a number of advantages and deservedly is very popular, because the technology of the filler floor is very simple and allows you to quickly install the floor covering even in rooms with a large area.

Advantages of bulk floor

A common floor even in an apartment building is often testedRather large loads and therefore prone to rapid abrasion and has a limited lifespan. Previously, to avoid this, the floor was covered with linoleum, tiles or parquet. But, it should be noted that all the coatings sooner or later require replacement and restoration. In addition, the price of such a replacement can not be budgetary and economical. The modern polymer filling floor is able to withstand any loads, as it has increased abrasion resistance and is resistant to abrasion, and, therefore, the floor can preserve an aesthetically pleasing appearance longer and do not require repair.

The next destructive factor that causesA certain harm to any ordinary floor is the chemical components often used to clean the room. Constant contact of the ordinary floor with detergents, of course, leads to a change in appearance and loss of some of the quality characteristics of the coating. In this respect, any filling floor, as a seamless polymer material, is highly resistant to prolonged or constant exposure to aggressive chemical elements. In addition, the smooth bulk floor prevents the accumulation of dirt, dust and bacteria, and, therefore, is an excellent solution if anyone in the family has an allergy.

And it is worth noting that the polymer bulk floor- a floor with antistatic and fireproof properties. In addition, it has a high impact resistance and can withstand even the work of vibration equipment, which is able to destroy the cement screed.

If previously the polymer floor was used more as aIndustrial version of flooring, today self-leveling floors are widely used in schools, hospitals, administrative buildings, and for interior decoration of private cottages and apartments. Among the main advantages it should be noted that the liquid floor has a very wide design and is easy to work on updating the self-leveling coating. Usually, for this, the old floor is simply poured with a new thin layer of the desired color and design.

Compared with piece and roll flooring materials, the floor is a convenient, practical and budgetary option for the floor.

There are several types of self-levelingMixtures: it is a polyurethane, cement-acrylic and epoxy floor. The technology of filling flooring is similar for all types, but the quality characteristics are different. That's why you should buy a self-leveling mixture only after you have accurately determined the list of necessary characteristics that your gender should possess.

Disadvantages of the self-leveling floor

A significant drawback is a complex device andPreparation of the floor for the floor. The same linoleum does not require special arrangement of the base, all you need is to level the surface. But with a filling floor, everything is different: the base must be perfectly smooth, smooth and dry. Monitoring the humidity of the substrate, which will be "poured" the floor, is a very important stage of installation. It was also noted that some types of liquid coatings turn yellow under the influence of ultraviolet radiation. In addition, the floor after a long service life will still have to be replaced. And if you buy and install a bulk floor - no problem, as for the dismantling - there will have to make a lot of effort.

To properly lay the polymer floor requires a special tool and a certain knowledge, which has only a specialist.

Finally, it should be noted that the priceThe filling floor depends on the manufacturer. Therefore, before you buy the material, conduct an analysis of all suppliers, read reviews on building portals and find out the best option in the context: price-quality.

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