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Self-leveling floors: a universal solution

Self-leveling floors: a universal solution

Modern building materials quality make life easier not only for developers, but also the owners.

Take, for example, self-leveling floor - a convenient andpractical building material that, compared with linoleum and tiles, has a number of advantages and is deservedly popular, self-leveling floor because the technology is very simple and allows you to do pretty fast installation of flooring, even in areas with a large area.

The advantages of self-leveling floor

Regular sex even in a building often experiencesrather large load and therefore prone to rapid wear and has a limited life. Previously, in order to avoid this, the floor covered with linoleum, tiles or parquet. However, it should be noted that all of the coating will sooner or later require replacement and restoration. In addition, the price of such a replacement can not be a fiscal and economical. Modern polymer self-leveling floor is able to resist any loads, as has a high wear resistance and is resistant to abrasion, and therefore, self-leveling floor is capable of longer maintain an aesthetically attractive appearance and does not require repair.

Next destructive factor that causessome damage to one of ordinary sex - are chemical components that are often used for cleaning the premises. Constant contact with the conventional floor cleaners, of course, leads to a change in appearance and loss of some qualitative characteristics of the coating. In this respect, any self-leveling floor is seamless polymeric material, is highly resistant to long-term or permanent effects of aggressive chemicals. In addition, the smooth self-leveling floor prevents the accumulation of dirt, dust and bacteria, and thus is an excellent solution if the family has any allergies.

And it is worth noting that the polymer self-leveling floor- A floor with antistatic and fireproof properties. In addition, it has a high impact resistance and can withstand even the work of the vibrating equipment, which under force to destroy the cement screed.

If you have previously applied polymer floor more likeIndustrial flooring options, today self-leveling floors are widely used in schools, hospitals and administrative institutions, and for interior decoration of private houses and apartments. Among the main advantages it should be noted that the liquid self-leveling floor has a very broad design and features easy renovation work self-leveling coatings. Usually, for this purpose on the old floor is poured a new thin layer of the desired color and design.

Compared to single-piece and roll materials floor self-leveling floor is a comfortable, practical and budgetary coverage option.

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There are several types of self-levelingmixtures of: a polyurethane, cement and acrylic and epoxy type of floor. self-leveling flooring production technology is similar for all types, but the quality characteristics differ. That is why self-leveling mixture should buy only after you have pinpointed the list of required characteristics, which should have your floor.

Disadvantages of self-leveling floor

A significant drawback - a sophisticated device andtraining grounds for self-leveling floor. The same linoleum does not require a special arrangement of the base, all you need - is to level the surface. But with self-leveling floors, everything is different: the base must be perfectly smooth, flat and dry. Control of base humidity, which is "poured" floor, is a very responsible stage of the installation. It was also noted that some kinds of liquid coating yellowing under ultraviolet light. In addition, self-leveling floor after a long life still have to be replaced. And if you buy and install a self-leveling floor - not a problem, with regard to dismantling - there will have to work hard.

For proper placement of the polymeric floor requires special tools and specific knowledge possessed only by a specialist.

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Finally, it should be noted that the priceself-leveling floor depends on the manufacturer. So before you buy the material, analyze all the vendors, read reviews on the building portals and find the best option in the context of: price and quality.

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