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Self-leveling floor with their hands

Self-leveling floor with their hands

Self-leveling floor is gaining in popularity, and it is natural. It is practical, durable, easy to clean - a great option for a country house and apartment.

floor installation technology is simple, it is possible to do it with their own hands.

Substrate Preparation

The polymer coating is of several types:

- From methylmethacrylic smol-

- epoksidnye-

- On the base of a polyurethane

- Cement and acrylic.

The most widely used is the polyurethane coating.

Polymer floors Arrangement begin withto prepare the ground. The reason is the concrete or cement. It should be durable and smooth. Cut off tabs zashpatlevyvayut bumps and hollows. Sites that fall off, removed, and sealed with fresh solution. Only on the basis of quality to get the perfect monolithic surface coating does not foam and begins to bubble.

For better adhesion to the ground floorthe surface of the screed carefully treated soil. the perimeter walls at the base floor, glued tape deformation, it is necessary to form a seam shrinkage. After the primer dries, proceed to the responsible process - filling solution.

Self-leveling floors - mount technology

The floors are poured at positive temperatures, withoutbelow + 15 ° C, the room should be no drafts to the floor was flat, set the beacons using a laser level. In the preparation of the mixture is necessary to strictly follow the instructions comply with the proportions of "water-dry mix", it depends on the final result.

The diluted mixture gently for self-leveling floorpoured onto the screed and distribute metal lath. In remote places, you can use a spatula. For convenience, the solution is poured parts - stripes or squares in a checkerboard pattern. Air bubbles are removed from it spiked roller or a stiff brush.

After a few days in the base layer is pouredtopcoat of a few millimeters. After the final coat is dry, leaving it for three weeks, floor varnish based on polyurethane. The varnish prolongs the life, keeps the look in good condition.

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