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choice of clothing for the bride to the wedding

Choosing clothes for the groom to the wedding

If you decide to get married, the question of choice of clothing on this joyful event will be almost the most important thing for you.

It is known that the bride and groom in this day should be the most beautiful.

Choosing clothes for the groom to the wedding - is nolight, because only a harmonious combination of all the small details make a perfect image of the groom. The first thing to think about - is the selection of a suit, shirt and tie for the groom. This time should be given special attention, because all the parts must not only be in harmony with each other, but also to approach the bride along.
Before you buy a suit for the groom wedding worthin order to determine what will be his color, because the suit should be in harmony with the dress of the bride. Classic colors to suit the groom are black and gray. These costumes will suit light shirt or a classic white shirt. However, the white suit will look very stylish, but in this case, is to choose wisely tone shirt and tie. The tie should be a tone lighter or darker, but the white suit is appropriate tie a contrasting shade.
Today, it is relevant to the choice of the butterflyinstead of the traditional tie. This outfit looks even more elegant and solemn. But if you have planned a bright wedding, even in the choice of attire should be selected as bright model. But be careful, because too much color in the image of the groom will lead to the fact that the Brac will look ridiculous.
If we talk about the classical way, it provides a few important points:
•; shirt cuffs should peek out from under the sleeve of his jacket to two centimeters. This fashionable and groom boasts a beautiful road studs.
•; boutonniere should be in harmony with the colors of the bride's bouquet.
By following these simple rules, you can create a stylish and effective way.

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