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SELECTION houseplants Energy

Selection of indoor plants for energy

When choosing houseplants for your home, you should look not only to the beauty of the selected instance, but also on whether you will be comfortably under the same roof with the new occupant of the green.

After all, each flower has its own unique internal energy.

there are instances among the houseplants thatand beauty delight the eye, and bring health benefits. Good, clean the air of toxic substances Chlorophytum, Gerbera, aloe, dracaena, philodendron and chrysanthemum.
If you often get sick with influenza or SARS, put on the windowsill geranium. She identifies substances that kill staphylococci and streptococci. Geranium leaves absorb moisture and carbon dioxide.
Ficus and dieffenbachia are needed in homes, whose windows overlook the bustling highway. These indoor plants clean the air of toxic substances.
Potted flowers can help increase humidity. These include monstera, ferns, violets, cyclamens and tsiperus. They improve the indoor climate, flavored and refreshing air.
If you follow the teachings of Feng Shui, indoor plants will give off positive energy in a few cases:
- Do not put the flowers, which have a pronounced antipatiya-
- Do not put them between two doors and a straight line between the door and oknom-
- Do not decorate the room where you sleep, plants with thorns and prickles.
In addition, this doctrine says that large and flowering plants produce more positive energy than small and decorative leaves.

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