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Selection of trowelling of ceramic tiles</a>

The choice and application of grout on the laid ceramic tile is an important final step in the design of the kitchen apron, bathroom or floor.

Correctly selected material will be able to disguise small defects in the tiles, and it will also become the final touch of the decoration of the room.

Basic rules for choosing a grout

Quality filling of tile joints isGuarantee hygiene and tightness of the entire coating. Be sure to consider the location of the ceramic tile in the room, since incorrectly selected building materials that are in a high humidity of the bathroom or in the kitchen, next to the heating plate, can lose both in quality and in appearance.

Do not forget that you can start mashing the tile joints only one day after laying it on the surface.

Perhaps some people who have laid out the tile inTheir apartment, ask questions - "Why is grouting?" Or "Why do something else if the tile is so beautiful and well-laid?". In addition, that in the seams of the tile dust and debris will begin to enter in a short time, insects may also be introduced into it, and the excess of accumulated moisture is an excellent place for the reproduction of the fungus.

What are the types of grouts?

Modern building stores offer their customers three types of materials. The first is based on epoxy resins, the second - on cement with sand content, the third - with the addition of latex.

Each of the two types of materials has its ownAdvantages and disadvantages. The main advantage of cement grouting is its attractive low price. Nevertheless, this type of material is considered unstable to an increased level of moisture and the use of cleaning products. In addition, the color assortment of cement grouts is very poor. Most often it's white and gray.

Manufacturers of cement-based grouts with even a small amount of sand do not recommend using this material when working with easily scratched surfaces.

Epoxy grouts, which are contained in the compositionResin, are considered more resistant to external influences and do not lose their color characteristics for 40-50 years. These factors also form the cost of the material. But rather difficult to work with the laying of epoxy grout. Due to the very viscous and whimsical consistency of the material, it is usually used only by professional builders with external works and joint widths of more than 6 millimeters.

Latex grouts offer, perhaps, the mostA large number of color shades. This type of material does not absorb moisture and belongs to the middle price segment. It is very simple and to remove excess of this grout, in contrast to the same epoxy.

Color of the grout

It is recommended to focus only onOwn taste and preferences. Numerous video lessons on the Internet also offer this method: after laying out, save a few extra tiles or its fragments and take them with you to the store. Some construction supermarkets are now offering buyers "try" samples. Together with the consultant, apply a few grout on the tiles brought with you. Thus, you will not go wrong and choose the most suitable material.

The second option, suitable for those defined in theColor preferences of buyers - tinting. Get an ordinary white grout in the same building store. Then decide on the required colors that correspond to the call of your imagination. The specialist consultant will add a color to the tint according to your needs and requirements.

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