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SELECTION curtains for the kitchen with the balcony door

Selection of curtains for the kitchen with the balcony door

Equipment kitchen space balconya very good architectural design, because the kitchen in modern apartments is not only for cooking and eating, it often becomes a kind of center that unites the whole family.

By the choice of curtains that adorn the kitchen balcony, there are special requirements.

The kitchen should be comfortable,functional and also pleasing to the eye. After all, many people traditionally gather at the kitchen table during family dinners, gatherings with friends, holiday feasts, and therefore, this space should be comfortable and aesthetically appealing. Making curtains - the finishing touch of any repairs without this room will not look complete.

Curtains should maintain the basic style of thepremises, to be sustained in the same colors as the furniture or flooring. Drawing or lack thereof must be selected so that they blend in with the wallpaper and tiles.

It also imposed a kitchen curtains and specialrequirements: they must be durable, easy to wash out, the material should be resistant to UV radiation, high humidity and extreme temperatures.

Curtains for the kitchen window with balcony doorThey should also be designed so as not to interfere with the free opening and closing of doors, provide unhindered access to the balcony and clung to the windowsill.

Find clothes for a window that meets all theserequirements is not easy. Take the advice of experienced sales consultants, see different variations of curtains pictured in the catalogs and fashion magazines, do not be afraid to experiment and deviate from the traditional design options, it will help you create your own unique cuisine.

Vertical blinds

This option looks stylish and practical, the blinds are easy to clean, serve long and have a convenient mechanism to quickly and easily open them.

You can put a model that moves away from the different parties, releasing a balcony door or window.

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Even if you have touched the blinds open window or door, it's not scary. Mounting is very reliable, it is from your careless actions will not break.


It is also quite suitable for decorationkitchen window to the balcony door. In the collapsed state such curtains are securely packed in a compact box made of aluminum or plastic, which is located near the ceiling. With the help of a special lever fabric curtains can be lowered to a different length according to your desire.

The preferred is to strengthen the two blindsthe same color, one at the window, and the other on the balcony door, then you will be able to obscure and cover different parts of the kitchen, and open balcony with closed curtains on the window.

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In the manufacture of material for curtains and thisprevious type apply the most advanced technologies, allowing the fabric to repel dirt and dust. In addition, a variety of colors and patterns of this matter will help to pick up a harmonious choice for any style and interior design.

Light curtains

If you do decide to stay at atraditional fabric design, consider confine light curtains with no curtains at all. Get two narrow curtains and place them on the sides of the window on a comfortable ledge with bindings that are easy to move. If desired, the curtain is gathered and can secure the laces on the sides. A little experiment with the width of the material and its location to such a drapery not interfere open and close the window and balcony door.

Sometimes the curtains look beautiful asymmetrical: short to the sill of the window and the longest in the floor from the balcony.

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Regarding the matter, it is desirable to selectnatural linen, cotton and other light fabrics. By the way the curtains can be quite translucent, they are well able to scatter light, protecting the owner from the bright sunlight, and thus do not interfere with plenty of daylight, which is very important, because the presence of the balcony much darkens the room and daylight is preferable bulbs for eye health.

The disadvantage of this design can be considered that a natural tissues quickly adhere grease, dust and dirt, and therefore, will have to change them frequently.

The color of the curtains are selected under the basic details of the interior, but too dark tones still desirable to avoid.

Tulle for the kitchen window with a balcony

It can be, and vice versa, instead of curtains to hang tulle one. It does not weigh down the space, creating a feeling of lightness and airiness. The unquestionable advantages of this type of design include the fact that Tulle quickly and easily washed in the machine, can withstand large temperature changes and does not absorb moisture. But there are some nuances. Short curtain to the window sill can not be used as the lower part of the balcony door will look very messy. One broad curtain hung too is not recommended, because even at very free movement on the curtains, it will limit the open balcony door. Stay on slightly better prisborennoe two lace curtains with understated pattern - this is the best option in this case.

Just be sure that the plate is at a distance from the window, as the lace curtains are easily ignited.

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