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How to choose power tools

How to choose power tools

Power - an indispensable tool in any field of human activity.

But they are often not cheap. Spending your money on these products, it is necessary to take into account all the details - safety, design features, the versatility of the device.

In addition, you should be confident in the reliability of the store, which make a purchase.

Power tools make it easy to hard physicalwork, help to quickly and accurately perform the household, building work. But a huge range of devices makes people confused: how to choose a product that it is reliable and long service life that money has been well spent?

Categories power tools

All Power to the destination are divided into 2 types:
1; Professionalnye-
2.; Household (amateur).

Some manufacturers (the Bosch) for visual distinction paint every kind of instrument in a certain color (green - for lovers, blue - for professionals).

Professional power tools standheavy loads can operate without interruption for a long time, calculated on virtually any material, have a strong structure and long life. Amateur - designed for a small amount of work and the use of rare.

General guidelines for choosing a reliable power

•; Focus on the ultimate goal.
When you select the tool you needtake into account the purpose of its use. For example, for wood and plastic enough to use a drill, but for more complex tasks (removal of tiles, the work of brick or concrete) it is better to use a hammer.
•; Place of purchase.
Purchase only in power toolsspecialty store - it will save you from fakes. If you decide to purchase from the online store, be sure to get feedback on his work in the Yandex search engine or another.

The characteristics of the device brand: no unpleasant odor resistant plastic, has certificates of quality and service guarantee.

The main danger which threatens the lives andhuman health when using power tools - electric shock. Therefore, all devices must have double insulation, additional protection against accidental activation and wiring integrity. Cord Length for professional tool must be three or more meters, the exception - high-risk devices (chainsaws).
•; versatility.
It is impossible to pick a tool that is suitablefor any occasion, but many perform additional functions. For example, some models of drills can not only drilling but also threaded, have the impact properties of the perforator.
•; The construction features.
The design of any power must beeasy, convenient, intuitive. The presence of the soft starter and the ability to adjust the tool speed will keep the engine from overheating and damage. Reliability some devices depends on the platform. For example, if the jigsaw-piece molded base, the work will be performed more accurately, without major deviations.
I wish you success in your work!

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