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Choosing a mouse and keyboard for a gamer


The choice of mouse and keyboard for the gamer</a>

Accessories and accessories for gamers are characterized by high demands on quality and performance due to the high voltage that is levied on the equipment.

There are no exceptions to the mouse and keyboard, which must meet certain characteristics for both the professional and the amateur.

Game Mouse Selection

Mouse for a gamer should have suchQualities like reliability, convenience, accuracy and speed. Compliance with these parameters is necessary for a gamer, since it is from the device used that the reaction to events on the screen can depend. At a moment that requires a quick reaction, the mouse must not let the master down and properly react as quickly as possible to the rapid movement of the hand.

An important component will be the shape of the device. Ideally, the mouse must repeat the grasp of the palm of the player, and therefore the device must not only meet certain technical specifications, but also suit the owner.

The best option for a gamer will be wiredLaser mouse, since it is such a device that can provide the maximum accuracy of the pointer. Optical laser sensors are equipped with an LED and a scanner, which accurately react to the position of the pointer.
An important characteristic in choosingSensor resolution (about 2000 dpi). But it's worth noting that mice with a resolution of more than 2600 dpi are unlikely to be able to improve the game even for a professional gamer, and therefore do not buy expensive devices with characteristics above this value.

Selection of the keyboard for the gamer

The choice of keyboard should be based onIndicators of convenience, accuracy of the buttons and their location. The game keyboards are distinguished by the presence of a separate section, on which special buttons used in most games are displayed. These devices have rubberized keys that are pressed more tightly than others, providing greater accuracy of the stroke and giving the ability to distribute the force of pressing the keys to provide more accurate movements of the game character.

Additional keys for the game keyboard must be taken out of the main unit.

Remember that the most convenient device will haveThe buttons you need, but do not buy a keyboard that has a lot of extra keys. During the game, they can interfere with quick reactions and cause confusion.
The most expensive devices areWireless keyboards that connect to the computer via a Bluetooth transmitter. It should be noted that they are not always convenient to handle, so you should choose a device based on your playing style and habit of placing your fingers on the keyboard. A good plus keyboard for the gamer will be the availability of additional USB ports and a hole for connecting headphones. Button illumination will also be a useful feature for the player, which, however, will significantly increase the cost of the device.

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