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On each taxpayer subject to the obligation to pay the required fees and charges

On each taxpayer subject to the Tax Code of the Russian Federation, the obligation to pay the mandatory fees and charges.

Check the presence or absence of debtson the main taxes for individuals, as well as learn the specific amount to be paid, you can use a special service website of the Federal Tax Service.



Go to the official website of the Federal Taxservice. In the right pane, you will see an interactive field consisting of the three tabs, listing the names of the relevant services of the site. Open the second tab and click on the link? Personal taxpayer office ?.


Confirm agreement to the introduction and transmissionpersonal data server to be processed and used to determine the debt on the property, transport, land, tax on personal income.


In the new window, fill in the provided fields marked? * ?:
? INN (12 digits without spaces or hyphens) -

? Full name (surname? Not sure) Russian bukvami-

? Region of residence or location of the property. You can enter up to three search regions


Enter text on the check image and click? Find ?. In the search results table in the presence of existing debt to one of the taxes you will see:
? Type of tax

? Name of the tax inspectorate, its address and telephone numbers

? Type of debt (tax, penalty) and its amount

? Date reflection debt (site updates take place once a week)


With this service you can alsoprint payment documents for the payment of arrears of taxes. To do this in the search results table tick the relevant information about debts and press the bottom button? Form ?. The resulting document can be used to pay their taxes in the bank branches.

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