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LOOK whether pets TV

Watch whether pets TV

Landlords often notice their pets "hang" in front of the TV, staring intensely at the screen.

But it is not clear whether it was an accident, or an animal actually watching the picture demonstrated.

What watch dog

Periodically dog ​​really payattention to what is happening on the screen. Four-legged friends a person is sure to attract fotosyuzhet with their own fellow, run and play with the ball. Other animals, such as cats, cows, rabbits, horses or other animals familiar to the dog can also be a success. However, be aware that dogs are different from human vision. Approaching the screen, instead of the animal sees a clear image blur images.
Where more dogs are not interested in the visual range, andsound. Lay the other dogs, meowing cats, bird calls, whistling kettle, the voices of other people are able to get your pet to stare at the screen in an attempt to understand what is happening there.

Dogs are able to hear the high-frequency range. Television, especially older models, are able to emit sound, inaudible to the human ear, but troublesome animals.

even works San Diego clocktelevision channel for dogs. According to it, twist rollers, in which the dogs frolic fun with toys. Developers believe that the transfer does not help animals get bored while their owners are not at home.

Cat's preferences

Cats also are loyal audience. It does not pack animals, so the other cats are not interested in their image. But purring - born hunters, and they are sure to attract the attention of the moving figures on the screen. To interest the cat can and story about the lion who hunts antelope, and a football match. Animal happy to try to catch a clawed paw players running around.

Cat-known zoologist Bernhard Grzimek well recognize his master, when he was shown on television, and happily watched the transfer with the host.


The vast majority of birds of a long viewTV contraindicated. Constant noise and melteshenie irritate them. Birds can pull at feathers, arrange dredge with brothers, cease to be carried. However, parrots are the exception to the rule. These birds they watch TV together with the owners and can even fill up your vocabulary phrases from movies and intrusive advertising songs.
Rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, aquariumfish and other pets, by and large, do not care if the TV is. They do not have the habit to get involved in that show on the screen and unfamiliar sounds do not cause them irritation.

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