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How to see what motherboard

How to see what motherboard

The motherboard is the main computer parts. For the user, it is necessary to know its model in many situations, such as driver updates, or upgrading your computer.

Especially in the latter case, if you do not know the model of the board and its possibilities, you just can not find accessories to suit her.

You will need

  • - A computer-
  • - CPU-Z- program
  • - AIDA64 program.



The easiest way to find out which parentcard on your computer, not even including him - see this technical documentation. There should be a special book, which is written the model of the motherboard and all its characteristics. But in this case, if you have such documentation. When buying a PC, and it can not give, or she could get lost.


Also, there are many programs usingwhich you can easily determine the system board. One of the most simple programs called CPU-Z. Download it. Some versions of the programs are run without installation, others must be installed. Run CPU-Z. After its launch window will appear. In it, select the Mainboard tab. In the resulting window, you can view basic information about your motherboard.


The third method is suitable for users whoWant to find out detailed information about the device. Search the internet AIDA64 program (distributed on a commercial basis). Put it on your computer, then run. Wait for a while, the program will start scanning the system.


When AIDA64 start, in the left pane, select thetab "Menu". Now find the option "System Board." Click the arrow next to the option. Further in the right-click menu, select again "System Board." In the right window of the program will be detailed information about your motherboard. The window is divided into several sections, depending on the data type. Bottom window will be links to driver updates, BIOS, and on the page on the manufacturer's website, indicating your model motherboard. You can copy the link into your browser, or by double-clicking on them left mouse button, and the page will open an Internet browser, which is installed on your system by default.

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