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How to see the temperature of the processor

When a heavy load on the processor or insufficient ventilation, its temperature rises and exceeds the critical, instructs forced off the computer.

To avoid overheating, it is possible, knowing the current CPU temperature.



The easiest, but a sure way to find outCPU temperature? view the desired information in the BIOS. To enter in the BIOS, hold the DELETE key when the computer starts. A window will appear with tabs, which you need to find a system partition. Motherboard manufacturers are different entitle it, but you should be guided by the word? SYSTEM ?. In this section, you will obviously see a row with the CPU temperature readings. Remember that you can navigate in the BIOS, just use the arrow keys because the mouse does not work.


Another variant ? use one of the programs, which allows you to watch directly from Windows, and even adjust the CPU temperature, fan speed, etc. These programs include SpeedFan, Core Temp, Everest, NextSensor and others. By setting one of them, you will receive information about how to monitor your system. Unfortunately, not all of these programs provide accurate information, and experts advise to still focus on the BIOS readings.

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