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Aura? This energy field that?It wraps? the physical body and is its continuation. In human aura can determine its nature, type of personality, spiritual essence, attitude to life, health and t.d.Kazhdy people from birth endowed with the ability to see the aura.

The baby sees the power of people. When he is approached (for example, goes to bed) to any person, a child looks a little over his head.

And appropriately respond.

That is why the child is to be pulled, and at the sight of other cries and krichit.S age, most people lose the ability to see the aura.

But this ability is (to varying degrees) to discover and develop.

You will need

  • To learn to see the aura, you should:
  • - A real desire (many people are subconsciously afraid to reveal a psychic ability) -
  • - The ability to relax, soothe multiplied
  • - Trust yourself (your vision, your inner feelings, etc.) -
  • - Regularly practice the ability to see auru-
  • - Be aware of the reality of your experience
  • (Fear of the unknown, many are trying to erase the memory of the experience, to convince myself that it is the fruit of imagination, illusion, etc.).



Try to practice at first to see the aurasubject. Place a book (or other object) upright on the table. table color should be neutral, soft, solid color. You can lay on the table a white cloth.

Sit down at the table in front of the book. Watch as through books defocused vision. Your eyes should be relaxed, as if sleepy.
After some time you will see a soft, barelynoticeable glow coming from the book. Observe the aura of the book, try to determine what color it is. Maybe at first you will not be able to determine the color of the aura of the book. You'll see a subtle haze. After a while, repeat its experience with the book, until you see the color of her aura.
Do the same exercise with other books orwith other objects or a neutral white background. So you can watch your pet (cat, dog), when he is resting. After a while you will be able to distinguish between the colors of the aura.


Ask any of your friends whoyou trust to be? volunteer? for your exercise on the disclosure of the ability to see the aura. An important condition: the volunteer? should not be set up is critical, negative or prejudiced to your experience. Until you learn to see the aura, you need to learn to trust yourself.


Let your? Volunteer? stand before a white screen (or in front of a white wall). Focus on an imaginary point just above your friend's head.
Unfocus look. After some time you will see a soft glow around his head.


Perhaps you doubt that thisreally aura, not of illusion? Ask your friend to imagine that from the top of his head comes a bright beam of light upward to the ceiling. You will see that flickering glow expands, it becomes stronger and vibrates.


Do not stop there. Practice constantly to distinguish between the colors of the human aura.

Try to get information about the aura aura and other sposobom.Ved not necessarily see visually. Aura can? Read? and? to scan ?: feel intuitively, or touching the person.

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