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SECRETS dishwashing for young housewives

Secrets of dishwashing for young housewives

Not every girl gets married, being able to do the housework everything.

But you can learn anything, it would wish.

You can start at least with the washing up - even such a simple at first glance, the work has a lot of little secrets.

Young housewife is useful to know that the grinder will wash a lot easier if you skip through it after the meat stale piece of bread or purified potato.

If you need to quickly wash the coffee pot or teapot, it is filled with water, add baking soda - about a tablespoon of all it should be a little boil, then rinse with clean warm water.

The resulting off-white precipitate in the decanter is very easy to remove when poured into a carafe of hot water, add a spoonful of vinegar and hold a minute. Then rinse with clean water carafe.

When wine glasses become slightly matte finish, rinse them in cold water, wipe the outside of the dryness.

Dishes should not be washed with hot water from the porcelain. The icing on this destroyed and yellow.

For glassware is well suited warm water. To give the glass shine, water is added to the vinegar and salt - per liter of water 2 tablespoons of salt and 1 tablespoon salt. Washed dishes to rinse with clean water, wipe dry with a linen towel.

To clean the darkened silverware,Make a mixture of lemon juice and cigarette ash. After cleaning, rinse and dry the silver rubbed. Any money that is dark, can be cleaned in this way, including silver jewelery. Another way to clean silver lemon is cut and placed in a darkened section of thing. To remove dark spots of silver items, use a whitening toothpaste.

Clean baked-enamel pot, you can: fill it with hot water with soda spoon, even a little stand up, then boil the water. All pieces perfectly burnt depart.

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