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SECRETS wallpapering

Secrets wallpapering

Every job has its own secrets.

Learn they can be with time, gaining some experience.

To save time, you can benefit from the experience of seasoned professionals.

You will need

  • bucket - 2 pcs.
  • brush - 1 pcs.
  • blade
  • scissors - 1 units.
  • rag - 1 units.
  • sponge - 1 units.
  • pencil, ruler - 1 piece.



Prepare a complete set of tools to workit will be easier. Free walls of old wallpaper and thick layers of whitewash. Old glue or lime left on the walls, blur it with a wet sponge. Allow to dry walls. If the walls have cracks or holes, be sure to seal the them. Preparing walls is now complete.


It is not necessary to produce cutting wallpaper directly on the room. From one error all the material can be damaged.


Apply glue to the several bands at once, too, is not the right move. He is good in the case where the wallpaper glued joint to joint.


Making papering the walls with wallpaper, eliminate drafts in the working room.


Corners perfectly flat on the premises theresmall, therefore it is necessary to fight off every wall in the vertical. The strip pasting on the inner corner to be distributed so that the portion of the web hit the next wall. Next, cut the setting to the adjacent wall portion of the web. Next, mount it on a level so as to obtain an overlap. The resulting overlap cut stationery knife, better lineup. Remove the cut piece, fold the wallpaper on the opposite side, remove the strip underneath. So you get a nice butt seam.


Excess fabric wallpaper above and below the best cut immediately. Flex the surplus, press down to get a clear fold. Slightly pull the wallpaper, cut off the excess, glue again.


Smooths wallpaper very carefully. On a budget option may smear paint on expensive can come loose sequins, indentation bumps.


In the case of the formation of bubbles on the wallpaper after drying, do not worry. With large syringe inject adhesive. Then, press down gently on the wall and forget.

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