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SECRETS for gluing wallpapers


Any work has its secrets.

You can learn them with time, gaining some experience.

To save time, you can take advantage of the experience experienced professionals.

You will need

  • Bucket - 2 pcs.,
  • Brush - 1 pc.,
  • Blades,
  • Scissors - 1 pc.,
  • Rag - 1 pc.,
  • Sponge - 1 pc.,
  • Pencil, ruler - 1 pc.



Having prepared a complete set of tools, workIt will become easier. Free the walls from old wallpaper and thick layers of whitewash. Old glue or lime, remaining on the walls, wash with a wet sponge. Let the walls dry. If there are cracks or holes on the walls, be sure to seal them. The preparation of the walls is completed.


Do not cut the wallpaper all at once for the whole room. From one error all the material can be spoiled.


Apply glue to several bands at once, also not the right move. It is good in the case when the wallpaper is glued to the joint.


Making wallpapering of wallpaper, exclude drafts in the working room.


The corners are perfectly flat in the rooms thereLittle, therefore, every wall must be deflected to the vertical. The band gluing on the inner corner should be spread out so that part of the canvas is on the next wall. Then cut off the part of the canvas that comes into the next wall. Next, glue it on the level in such a way as to get an overlap. Cut off the resulting overlap with a stationery knife, preferably on a ruler. Remove the cut off part, bend the wallpaper from the opposite side, remove the strip below it. So get a nice butt weld.


Surplus wallpaper canvas top and bottom is best cut off immediately. Fold over, press down to make a clear fold. Slightly delay the wallpaper, cut off excess, glue again.


Smoot the wallpaper very carefully. On a budgetary version, paint can be smeared, expensive glitters may blossom, pimples may be stained.


If bubbles form on the wallpaper after drying, do not worry. Using a large syringe, inject with glue. Then press down gently against the wall and forget.

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