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SECRETS seductive lips

seductive lips

The skin on the lips often loses an attractive appearance and due to environmental influences or improper care.

On the lips need to take care of special methods that they are beautiful and seductive.

Charging the lip

In order that the skin was smooth on the lips andelastic, you can do a few simple exercises every day. Charging does not take a lot of time and make it possible even during tooth brushing. For example, the best use of facial expressions, say all vowel sounds of the alphabet. Please note that the skin around the lips at the same time should tighten and relax.

In yoga, there is an exercise that may also be included in the warm-up. To do this, open your mouth wide and stick out your tongue. In such a situation it is necessary to spend a few seconds. Repeat several times reception.

Arrange mimic representation of the mirror. Fold his lips, wide smile, draw resentment, anger, and other emotions.

Cosmetic masks and

Several times a week to do a mask for lips andany vegetable oil. This method helps to make the skin more elastic, and lips will look seductive. The oil can prevent skin damage, which often occur due to weather conditions.

Always have on hand hygiene lipstick and lip balms. These cosmetics will help you maintain a healthy skin and give her more tenderness.

Masks lip can be made from a wide variety ofcomponents. Periodically rub skin with a piece of banana, cream, sour cream, and olive oil. These ingredients are able in a short time to change the look of your lips dramatically.

Massage Lip

Lip Massage can be carried out in severalways. Daily lightly rub the skin with light circular movements of the fingers. To normalize the blood circulation can be massaged using terry towels or arrange lips contrasting procedures, alternating hot and cold water.

These techniques will help you not only for a long time to preserve lips youthful, but also visually increase their volume. Your smile will ssoblaznitelnoy and will attract the attention of fans.

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