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SECRETS makeup artists when applying makeup

Photo Courtney Rhodes

A few secrets of the best domestic and foreign make-up, with the help of which you will be able to conquer surrounding his makeup.

Do ideal lashes

What are your actions in the event of contact with the carcasseyelid, which is already applied to the shadows and made his eyeliner? Most likely, you are attempting a cotton swab, cotton wool, even the correct finger, wipe the failure, that is, spoil the makeup. As a result of the application of shadows should be repeated.

In such cases, the color is uneven. This in turn will spoil your mood, especially when you are in a hurry, for example, on a date.

How come professional makeup artists in similar situations? It's simple! They simply do not allow for such a moment.

When applying mascara just need to make little fingerto century. Focus - on the growth of eyelashes. Press down on the lid is not necessary. This simple method allows slightly raise the eyelashes, which fall on the little finger. The next step is the application of mascara.

This method makes it possible to prokrasku each cilium, they simultaneous combing. The result is amazing! Cilia are perfectly separated, and eye makeup remains unscathed.

Make plump lips

Each of us dreams of plump lips. The most common technique that allows you to visually add more bulk lips, is the application of gloss. Often for the same purpose use pearl lipstick (applied in the middle of the lips). Less frequently resorted to such a reception as eyeliner sponges (line a bit more lip contour).

This seductive secrets and full lips did not end there. If you wish to make a larger volume of the upper jaw, then you can do so through the normal Highlight and a small brush.

Before applying lipstick with a few necessarylight strokes over the top of a sponge (bending) to create a brilliant circuit (must go abroad several lips). After the lipstick should be a classic technique. Highlight visually increase the volume of the lips, their outlines become clearer.

Make colored eye liner

If you decide to use a colored eyeliner, thenyou can do black eyeliner and shadows of different colors. So, eyeliner color can be made by black aylaynera. What is remarkable is that it can be applied as the heart desires.

After previously used brush sprinkled with water (for this purpose you can use the fixing spray), she scooped the desired color shade, which is applied to the black eyeliner.

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