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SECRETS maintenance of female beauty

Secrets of the maintenance of female beauty

Feminine beauty has always been one of the main topics for discussion. Each era had their own standards of beauty, and every time you can not guess who will be in vogue tomorrow.

Who is she, attractive woman, what it should be?



The most important thing in beauty - this attitude. Remember that your appearance - it's your individuality and uniqueness. Be always sure of themselves and their beauty. Find in yourself what makes you different from others. Maybe it's charming smile can pretty easy walk, maybe expressive eyes. Realize and accept the feature.


The second step to the beauty of this grooming. It is not only beautiful fashion clothing, but also regular maintenance of face and body skin, hair and maintaining toned figure. A healthy glowing skin, healthy, shiny hair, arranged in an elegant hairstyle to become your business card.


For proper skin care need to first determine its type. The skin may be dry, normal, oily and combination. Each of them has its own characteristics. Skin type can vary with age.


The main component in skin care - itcleansing. Better not to wash with soap and water, and a special tool. Soap contains large amounts of acid, which is not very good for the skin. After washing, apply a moisturizer. Very good condition of the skin affected by the mask. Also of great importance for the skin has a regular full sleep at least eight hours.


The body also needs our care and attention. Your skin is very delicate and vulnerable, because devoid of fat. Therefore, it is aging faster than the skin of the face and body. For hand skin needs special care. In summer it is in regular use a light moisturizer in the winter needs a nutritious fat.

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