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SECRETS care arrowroot

Secrets of care arrowroot

Maranta - houseplant with decorative leaves. They have an elongated shape and striking color that instantly attracts the eye.

Like any other beauty, arrowroot has a very difficult character.

You will have to spend a lot of effort and patience to please her.

Homeland arrowroot are the Brazilian tropics,therefore indoors it must be kept warm. In summer, the optimum temperature for it to be + 20-25 degrees, and winter - not less than 18 degrees. Arrowroot does not tolerate drafts, the wind it leaves quickly dry and fold. And do not place the pot with her on the cold floor or windowsill. Residents of southern areas in summer may make arrowroot on the balcony, but it must be protected from direct sunlight and wind.

The plant does not like bright light. Even in the northern windows arrowroot can be pale and dry up. If you notice that your beautiful start to feel bad, try to move it into the room, where it will be much more comfortable. Late fall, when daylight is short, arrowroot can place closer to the window.

Blossoms abundantly. With proper care flower all summer arrows are formed. However, the special beauty, they do not differ. One arrow in the ear of corn harvested white, pale yellow or pale pink flowers.

Arrowroot summer watering should be abundant. In turn, the plant does not need frequent admission of moisture in winter, it will be sufficient once or twice a week. Make sure that the soil does not dry. Maranta loves spraying. If you have hard water, nasty white spots remain on the leaves. Spray the plants only need soft water, or put the pot on a tray of damp moss or expanded clay.

Transplant is required annually. Soil use lightweight and breathable. You can add the sand, pieces of bark or charcoal. Pot choose a wide and shallow, since the root system develops horizontally arrowroot.

If the leaves of the plant have become faded, yellow orugly grow in different directions, they can cut off at the root. Usually, this procedure is carried out in late autumn and place the pot in a dark place. After a month in the new leaves grow back arrowroot. By the way, after such shearing bush begins to develop more richly and symmetrical.

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