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SECRET beautiful eyelashes

keratin lamination eyelashes

Thin and lifeless lashes.

That such eyelashes can be a result of daily dyeing and perming.

To save the eyelashes, giving them volume and length with success using the latest technology - keratin lamination eyelashes.

This procedure will make the eyes more effectively, and bringing into captivity.

For chic groomed eyelashes applied keratin, necessary for growth and strengthen lashes. Under the influence of keratin strengthens eyelashes and increase in length.

How does the lamination eyelashes

The whole process takes no lamination eyelashesmore than 60 minutes. Before you begin the procedure, cosmetologist cleans and degreases eyelashes special means. Purification is necessary in order that each eyelash to the maximum absorbed nutrients included in preparation for lamination.

To protect the eyelid skin is applied to a nourishing cream that softens and moisturizes at the same time. On eyelashes attached special silicone mold that defines the desired lifting hairs.

Lashes are in silicone tread,recorded a special tool. It makes cilia longer and thickens throughout their length. Color composition is selected by the client. To consolidate the results at the end of the procedure, all eyelashes treated with keratin.

The effect of the session keratin laminatingIt lasts about 2-3 months. Eyelashes acquire a natural shine, they are a little longer and podkrucheny. After lamination, the cilia can not be exposed to moisture for 24 hours.

Care for lashes

Special care lashes after lamination is notrequired. Eyelashes does not hurt to use makeup or contact lenses. You can visit the steam room and sauna. The special composition means for lamination protects eyelashes from the effects of low and high temperatures, rain or snow. Look not lose the beauty and expressiveness. Lamination takes care of lashes without causing negative impacts.

Contraindications to lamination eyelashes

Despite the undeniable benefits of keratinlaminating lashes, he has contraindications. Any eye disease, pregnancy and breastfeeding is the reason for postponing the cosmetic procedure.

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