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"SECOND LIFE" sponges for washing dishes


"Second Life" sponges for washing dishes</a>

In the modern world, any housewife can hardly imagine washing dishes without a special sponge.

A sponge for washing dishes helps any housewife maintain cleanliness in the kitchen, as well as cope with any contamination.

But when the sponge loses its properties, it can be used for other purposes.



We will protect the parquet.
Put the leg of the chair on a sheet of paper, circle it. Then cut out the paper stencil. Take a sponge and stencil out a piece of the right size. Glue each piece to the legs with a thermo-gun or universal glue. Properly press the sponge against the foot so that there are no gaps. In such an interesting way, you will protect your flooring or laminate from scratches.


To help plants.
Also, the sponge is a very useful device forProper care for indoor plants. Put the sponge in a flower tray and pour the plant. Not only will the sponge protect the plant from excess moisture, it is also an additional source of moisture between the watering of the flower. Another sponge will protect your windowsill from delamination.


Wet the soft sponge with water and put it inFreezer in a closed bag. If necessary, the sponge can become your "quick" assistant with bruises and bruises. And also this option is ideal for the transport of perishable foods in hot weather.

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