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How to search for truffles

How to search for truffles

Truffles - delicious mushrooms. Rare mushroom hunter knows the truffles, as they are very good at hiding: grow almost entirely underground, they are called invisible, so how to find these mushrooms are very difficult.

In Russia, there are places where truffles grow very well in the past, a large number of them gathered peasants, unable to seek out these delicacies in the woods.

Even Pushkin wrote about truffles.



Collect truffles in late summer or early fall. Despite the fact that fungi start to grow since the spring, they mature sufficiently long. Favourite places for these fungi - a variety of fields which gets a lot of light, the edge of the oak forest. Meets truffle and perelese in birch groves or even in the aspen forest, but less frequently. Almost by accident fungus can grow juniper, hazel or alder thickets. Truffle place can be distinguished by the fact that the land there is somewhat gray and ashen, mosses and herbs in these places withered and stunted, painful and dried.


Normally truffles nest on some pieces. This tuber, which bears little resemblance to a mushroom, he has no cap and stem, the usual view of the mushroom picker. More like a potato, surface yellowish or grayish-brown. Some types of fungi, if we cut them, similar to marble. The pulp is grayish-white or pure white, Black truffles she eventually darkens to purple-black. These mushrooms look quite unusual, but even more their flavor is stored. Very strong, does not erode over the years, if the truffle dry in the sun.


Rare Truffle comes to the surface. Sometimes they act almost half of the land, but most are hidden under the ground at a distance of 5-10 cm from the surface. The depth can be up to 20 cm or even more. Size of truffle, too, is different in diameter from 2 to 10 cm, or even more.


If the field for the "truffle" mind, it is worthpay attention to the ground bumps. Under some may well lurk one fungus, and will close all his family. Look for truffles at any time of the day. If other mushrooms collected in the morning, as they are at this time the most fresh and strong, the truffles are equally good at any time of the day, in the evening to find them is even easier.


Truffles are a very strong smell, and if a person throughlayer of earth that does not feel the animals and insects feel well. Most truffle place can be found closer to sunset. On a sunny day yellow gnats may swarm over the mycelium as smell. It happens also that the earth dug there a little: they are animals, among which and moose, and rabbits, bears and badgers, foxes and squirrels, too, tried to find a gourmet mushroom.

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