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How to make a search in the text in the Word


How to make a search in the text in the Word</a>

You can search the text in the Word by selecting the command "Find".

The specified command is located in the "Edit" menu for program packages of 2003 or in the "Edit" menu for later versions.



In the 2003 program, you need to select the menu"Edit", which contains the item "Find". After selecting the appropriate item, a field appears for entering the text you are searching for, in which you must enter a word or phrase. This operation in the Word is called a quick search, it allows you to quickly find and select those fragments of text that contain the word of interest, the phrase.


After entering the desired phrase, you must specify the otherSearch parameters. In particular, if you want to select all the required fragments in the document, you need to check the box next to "Select all items found in". Then you need to specify the part of the document in which the search for the given parameters will be performed.


Click the Find Next button or the Find All button. In the first case, the search will be performed until the first match of the phrase, the fragment of the document will be scrolled to the found phrase, it will be highlighted. When this button is pressed again, the next match in the document or part of it will be found. If the "Find All" task is selected, the program will select all matches for the search phrase in the particular document or in its fragment. If necessary, the search can be paused or canceled.


When using the 2007 Word, laterVersions of the program, you should perform the search operations directly from the "Start Page" tab. To do this, the user must select the "Edit" menu group, in which the "Find" command is available. Additional settings for this operation in these versions of the program are minimized, so just specify the search phrase and click "Find Next" or "Find All." These teams operate in a similar scheme with the 2003 vord. Thus, the task of searching for a given word, phrase in programs released later in 2003, is essentially simplified.


If the user needs to replaceCertain words in the entire document, then the corresponding operation is also carried out after a preliminary search of the fragments of interest. In 2003, to implement this replacement, you will need to fill in one more text field in the Find command. In later versions of the program, select the appropriate item in the "Edit" menu, which is located on the start page. When this task is executed, the program will automatically replace all found words or phrases with those expressions that the user specifies in the "Replace with" line.

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